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What is AutumnFest sm

DeAnn Stephens summarizes AutumnFestsm

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Each year as fall approaches we are always asked “What is AutumnFestsm?   Let me explain by starting from the beginning.

We have always been in agriculture, in fact, horticulture.  Which means we have always been in the growing of plants and also vegetables.  Our father, our grandfathers, our great grandfathers.  As far back as we can research, we have grown fruits and vegetables and plants.   So, it is not a new venture for us. While others grew corn and soybeans and hay and cattle and the like, we grew plants and veggies.

Up until 1994, all of our fresh produce and flowers was sold on the wholesale market.  Never retail to the end consumer.  But, in 1995 all of that changed.  We opened our store on the farm and started selling to the actual customer.  So, now we started selling to the retail customer as well as our usual wholesale customers. In the spring, we were selling our flowers from the greenhouses and in summer the veggies from the fields.  Which left us with fall.  We were already shipping pumpkins on the wholesale market so we easily switched to selling them directly off of the farm also.

But, we wanted to give customers something to do in the fall while they bought their pumpkins, so we started having small carnival type games and hayrides. And we found out the customers liked to do that.  And thus, that is how AutumnFestsm was born.

In 1996, we added the Spooky FarmHouse and also, the first ever in the state of Kentucky, our 5 Acre Corn Maze.  And the customers loved it.

Since that time, we have slowly added other events and attractions.  In fact, we’ve added so many attractions that we’ve have had to make a map of all the attractions.  The good part is, they are scattered all over the farm so you are not crowded together but enjoy the wide open space of our 185 acres. We have also made sure that we produce many products from the farm.

Our concessions are a big part of  AutumnFestsm. What surprises many folks is that some of the produce we grow on the farm we also use as part of our Eats & Treats.

Each year we try to add something new or something to improve the fall experience.  AutumnFestsm is still growing strong after all of these years.  To answer our initial question “What is AutumnFestsm?”

AutumnFestsm  is our way of enjoying the fall harvest with a little family fun!  

It really is “Where Your Adventures Begin!”

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