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Summer produce Georgetown KY

Bi-Water’s Kentucky Farmers Markets

Seasonal Markets

Visit us at our seasonal garden centers mid-April to mid-June.
Monday- Saturday: 9am – 6pmSunday: noon – 5pm
Century Plaza – Frankfort
Richmond Center – Richmond

The Market at Bi-Water Farm

Open from the beginning of April until the end of October, our market at Bi-Water Farm satisfies your floral, vegetable, fruit and fall treats needs. Our Kentucky Proud products are sure to please.

Spring brings flowers and planters. Summertime check out our Kentucky Proud produce.

Visit this link to our blog for tips and tricks on all things flowers and vegetables.

The Fall Brings it All!

Enjoy the tastes of fall with baked goods, fudge, jellies and jams from the Farm Market.

Fresh fudge Georgetown KY

Melt in your mouth chocolate. Silky smooth peanut butter. Our homemade fudges are sure to please your taste buds. Enjoy a classic favorite or try something new.

Fresh jelly Georgetown KY

Made from the freshest of ingredients, our jams and jellies are so delicious, your biscuits and toast will be begging for more.

Festivals Kentucky

Don’t forget the apple cider donuts and thirst quenching apple cider.

Bi-Water Farm