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Field Trip Planning Guide 

Educational Farm Field Trips- Where Learning is Fun!

We are so excited that you are coming to visit our farm, and we want to make sure you and your students have the best field trip possible!  Please take some time to review this planning guide and share it with other teachers and chaperones who may be attending. We look forward to creating a day that runs smoothly and provides lots of enjoyment for your class!

What is included in our Field trip?

Your class will participate in the Autumn Harvest Adventures field trip which is designed to teach students the farm’s role in food production during the fall season.  The following activities are included in your field trip:

  • Take a hayride to pick a pumpkin in our massive pumpkin field.
  • Solve the Kidz Corn Maze
  • Solve our Soy Bean Maze
  • Visit the following learning stations:
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle/ Honey Bee Station
  • Apple Orchard Learning Center
  • Enchanted  Barnyard: Fun Farm animal facts
  • BarnYard Babies:  Pet a baby bunny and chicks
  • Have Fun on the Farm
  • Spooky Farmhouse
  • Pirates Cove
  • Trike Track
  • Lost Pumpkin Mine
  • Lil’ Pumpkin Play Patch
  • The Bird House
  • Bunnyville
  • Cowboy Corral
  • Billy Goat Mountain
  • Sky High Slide
  • People Spinners
  • Bi-Water Ballpark
  • Ducky Derby
  • Chutes & Slides
  • Bounce Around Corral
  • Country Coasters

Where do we go when we arrive?

Whether you arrive by bus or by car, look for our farm employees who will show you where to park. Busses are parked separately from the cars.  Once the vehicles are safely parked, one of our employees will meet you on or near your bus.  Please have the form from the confirmation email that you received ready. It has all of your information, such as total number of students and if the adults have already prepaid the school. Please have one person in charge of payment for your group. Please note that all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends of the family must pay the adult entry fee for school groups. If the school would prefer not to collect the parents’ fee, then they can pay us in the farm market.

Groups will then be directed to the central gathering area, and a numbered pumpkin sign will be assigned to your group. Please leave lunches in cars or on busses. At the central gathering area, you will be oriented as to the direction to follow.

What will we do first?

Before each group heads off in different directions, we will have each group go on the hayride. The hayride will take you to the Corn Maze so that your classes can try to solve it.  When unloading at the Corn maze, be sure to remove all personal items from the wagon, because you may not ride the same wagon back to the barn.  Our wagons are constantly circulating and will return to pick up your class.

After you go through the Maze, you will see the School’s Pumpkin Field nearby.  Each child will pick a pumpkin for themselves.  After picking your pumpkins, gather your class together to re-load a hayride to return to the barn. If you wish to ID the children’s pumpkins, now is a good time to use a marker and write the child’s name on it while you are waiting for the hayride. Please have your group together before proceeding to the hayrides.

What do we do after returning to the barn?

First, unload the wagon and stash your pumpkins in the designated area, or assign a couple of parents to return them to the bus.  At this point, you have choices as to where you’d like to proceed next.

You may visit one of our educational areas:

  • Pumpkin Life Cycle/ Honey Bee Station
  • Apple Orchard Learning Center
  • Soy Bean Maze
  • Enchanted  Barnyard: Fun Farm animal facts
  • BarnYard Babies:  Pet a baby bunny and chicks

In addition to educational areas, the children can eat lunch and do the fun activity areas in the order that the teacher chooses.

We are bringing our school lunches. Is there food for adults if they want it?

Yes, we have our concession area open Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for our school groups. Some schools have us supply the classes with their food, but arrangements must be made prior to your arrival.

What should we bring and wear?

Here are some suggested items to wear and pack for your trip:

  • Lunches, or money for concessions
  • Markers  for pumpkin ID
  • Kids’ backpacks- children can put their sweaters and other personal items safely inside
  • Cameras
  • Comfortable shoes.  You are on a farm with grass and gravel and dirt.
  • Layers of clothes. Kids want to throw off coats as the day warms up, and a light sweater is great.

Field Trip Itinerary
Field Trip Fees

To schedule your field trip call 502-863-3676.

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