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Field Trip Itinerary Information

Customized field trip itineraries help you make the most out of your time on the farm.

While we can work with you to create an itinerary to meet your needs and desired learning goals, here is a sample itinerary for our school trips:

  • Visit the learning stations.
  • Your group will be met at your bus upon arrival at the farm and directed where to park.
    (Cars park separately from the buses.)
  • Groups will gather at their assigned pumpkin sign.
  • Welcoming remarks and farm orientation.
  • Hayride to Corn Maze and the pumpkin field.
    (Note:  Please remove all personal items from wagons before entering Maze. You might not return on the same wagon.)
  • Enter and solve the Corn Maze.
  • Each child gets to pick their own pumpkin from the field.
    (If you are marking the children’s pumpkins for ID, now is the time to use the Sharpie before you re-load the hayride.)
  • Reload the hayrides and return to the barn area.
  • Unload children and place pumpkins in designated area.
  • You may complete the following activities in the order of your choice:
    Eat lunch
    Visit animal petting area
    Play all of the fun stuff as time allows until departure.
  • Finally you will retrieve pumpkins from the designated area before loading buses to depart.

Field Trip Fees
Field Trip Planning Guide

Register for Educational Classroom with our certified teachers that meets the Next Generation Science standards.  Reservations are required, so please contact us to reserve your trip: 502-863-3676.

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