Kentucky’s Best Fried Apple Pies

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Don’t settle for just any fried apple pie.

Several years ago, we decided that we wanted to make a fried apple pie in our farm kitchen. After much discussion, we felt we had one, and only one, criteria to meet. We wanted to be sure that the recipe that we chose would take the apple from a simple piece of fruit to an incredible taste sensation. With that in mind, we started searching everywhere- internet, friends, cookbooks- to find the perfect recipe.

We found many different recipes. We experimented with the filling, adding one ingredient, taking away another. Then we made the crust using the same process, but we weren’t happy with our results.  Sure, we had some great ideas and recipes, but not one that made us say “WOW!” After all of the experimenting, the only thing we gained was an increased waist size.

We sat around and discussed the next steps to take on our search for the perfect recipe.  In our discussions, someone made an off-handed remark that our Grandmother and Mother both made a really great, homemade apple pie. Then, inspiration hit and we all said, “Why not use that recipe to make our fried apple pie?”

But, the real problem was locating the recipe. Where was it? We scurried around, looking through kitchen cabinets.  After much searching, we found the old family recipe folded up in a cookbook. With much anticipation, we took that recipe to our kitchens and made our fried apple pies. We made the dough to the recipe’s specifications, blended the correct types of apples, cooked it all together and then put it inside the dough. Then, we fried the pie. After cooling it, we each took bites and looked at one another. Almost in unison we declared, “This is IT!!”

After searching everywhere in the world, we came back home and the old family recipe was there all along. Now we can say that we believe we have the best fried apple pie in Kentucky.


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