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Until the mid-1970s when our greenhouse originated, Carl Fister had only grown the vegetable transplants for the fields in what is known as cold frames. When his sons were getting older and graduating from college, he decided to try growing flowers, and so in 1977 we erected our first greenhouse. Over the years, we have slowly added to that first structure, and now we have about four acres of growing space.

In the spring, we have a wide selection of plants for your yard and garden, including many annuals, from ageratum to zinnia and everything in between. We also offer a large selection of perennials, roses, over 10,000 hanging baskets, 50 varieties of tomatoes, 30 types of herbs and 35 peppers.


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In July and August we have many plants for your fall gardens such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and more. After all, fall is the best time for a vegetable garden that features the different types of cole crops.


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By late August, it’s time to enhance your landscape after a long summer, and give flowers the power until late October and into November. The first week of September we have homegrown mums and pansies, grown on the farm. A planter by the front door or a few pots planted in the ground will give beautiful color late in the year.


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From annuals and perennials to beautiful hanging baskets, we invite you to visit our farm store to take some of the beauty home for your own enjoyment.

We grow flowers and plants for our farm store, but we also grow plants for the wholesale independent garden centers. We ship the flowers all over Kentucky and into southern Ohio. If you are a retailer please contact us about our plants for your store. 502-863-3676 or email us at

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