Culver’s Corn Maze

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The leaves are falling and temperatures are cooling off, come walk our maze…

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Have Some Fun In The Corn Maze…

Culver’s restaurants are very active in supporting farmers and the FFA organization nationwide.  And they do not hide their pride in the American farmers. This year, as a way to Thank farmers, they are choosing a corn maze in every state and putting their “Thank You” in the maze.  We are thrilled to be chosen the Culver’s Corn Maze for Kentucky.  No one else in the Commonwealth has this honor!

The maze has been cut with lots of twists and turns, so you’ll have great fun trying to get out as fast as you can. Everyone who comes to the farm and enters AutumnFest will receive a Culver’s wristband that includes a coupon for Culver’s on it.

What a deal. Support the American farmers, play in the maze and on our farm, and receive a great discount from Culver’s.

See you this fall in Georgetown, Kentucky at BiWater Farm!


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