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Educational Farm Field Trips

With Bi-Water Farm, your school trip just got better.

As each generation passes, more and more children are losing the connection to their agrarian heritage, and many children no longer know where their food supply originates. That is the reason many schools bring their children to Bi-Water Farm each fall so that the children can reconnect to the land. We have been hosting farm field trips for 20 years, emphasizing on-the-farm learning, as well as fun. This is truly an enhanced classroom learning experience for students.

A Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse field trip takes place in an outdoor farm setting. It is designed to provide a learning experience about the natural world in the context of seasonal farm activities.

Field Trip Schedule

September 15 & 16: 9:00am – 1:00pm
September 21- October 31: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Every Tuesday – Friday


Field trips last from 2- 3 hours when including time to eat lunch.  Here are some useful resources for those planning a school trip:

We have two certified teachers, Amanda and Judy, on our team who will teach lessons in our educational classroom that meets the Next Generation Science Standards.

Field Trip Itinerary

Field Trip Planning Guide

Field Trip Fees