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    Join us on the farm for AutumnFest, open until November 3rd

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    The store is open for the fall!

    Visit us to see the produce, plants and flowers available for sale, allowing you to take a little piece of the farm to your home!

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    Don’t miss Kentucky’s best fried apple pies at AutumnFest!

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fresh-flowers-iconFresh FlowersFrom annuals and perennials to beautiful hanging baskets, we invite you to visit our farm store to take some of the beauty home for your own enjoyment.fresh-veggies-iconFresh VeggiesNothing is fresher, and we are proud of that fact. In fact, we’re Kentucky Proud.fresh-air-iconFresh AirSpend a little time on our farm to breath in the fresh air. Take a look at just a few of the sites you will see.family-fun-iconFamily FunCelebrate fall and all the excitement it brings with us at AutumnFest.

Come Visit Us!
Bi-Water-Farms-map location-icon877 Cincinnati Road
Georgetown, KY 40324


clock-iconOur Market Hours
Mon-Sat    9am-6pm
Sunday     Noon-5pm

AutumnFest Hours:

Friday-Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Fall Veggie Garden

In the early spring, we all rush out to get our garden started. Some of us will start the early spring with the cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower etc. The we proceed right into the tomatoes, peppers, squashes. As spring proceeds, our cole crops here in central Kentucky don’t quite perform very well. [...]

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About our Farm

Before you come visit us in person at Bi-Water Farm and Greenhouse, learn a little more about our farm’s history, check out some of our frequently asked questions and peruse our photo and video collections by selecting one of the tabs below.

  • Our History
  • FAQ
  • Photos
  • Videos

Our History

Our agricultural history at Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse dates back many generations, traveling back to our ancestors in Europe in the 1700’s and early 1800’s. When our great grandparents arrived in this country, it continued to expand and grow. They settled in the Fayette county area in central Kentucky and started to grow and sell fresh produce. Our Dad farmed with his father, and when Grandpa died in 1957, Dad moved to Georgetown and bought our 144-acre farm.

Carl A. & Bertha Fister
Our parents, Carl A. and Bertha Fister, started Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse in March of 1959, where alongside fresh produce, tobacco, hogs and corn, they raised their nine children. In 1969, mom and dad purchased an additional 40 acres that was adjacent to our farm, which brought us to our current 184 acres. Over the years, our greenhouse operation slowly grew until we have reached approximately 4 acres of growing area, while the hogs and tobacco were phased out and are no longer part of the farm.
Carl A. and Sons
The Fister Family

It was in 1995 that we started an endeavor that has changed the way we are seen to the public. We built our farm store where we are able to sell our fresh produce and flowers to the general public. This was a huge change for us, because until that time, all of our products were sold on the wholesale market, not retail. With the farm store, we also started our fall festival which we call AutumnFest. This festival has grown over the years and is now one of the largest fall farm festivals in Kentucky. We have 20 acres of pumpkins and fun activities for the family, including Bunnyville, Spooky Farmhouse, Lost Pumpkin Mine, hayrides, a corn maze, Sky High Slide, People Spinners and a lot more. Each fall we welcome families and school groups from all over Kentucky to experience the excitement.

In June of 2005, our dad died at the age of 82, and in February 2009 our mother died at the age of 84. Of their nine children, there are three sons left on the farm to carry on the horticulture heritage- Stephen, Chris and Len. We, along with our spouses, take this responsibility seriously, and are doing everything possible to make this a fun and enjoyable task.

We invite you for a visit to Bi-Water Farm to experience the fun and enjoy our farm with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?
Our farm market hours are as follows:
April - August Monday- Saturday:     9am- 6pm Sunday: noon - 5pm July 4: closedSeptember - October Monday – Thursday: 9am- 6pm Friday- Saturday: 9am- 9pm Sunday: noon - 7:30
Visit us at our seasonal garden centers mid-April to mid-June: Monday- Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: noon - 5pm Locations: Century Plaza- Frankfort Richmond Center - Richmond
Can we bring our dog with us?
Only very well-mannered dogs on leashes are allowed at Bi-Water Farm. You must clean up after your pet. Please, no pets allowed in the farm market. No other pets such as cats, snakes, rodents, birds, etc. are allowed on the farm.
What form of payments do you accept?
We accept: Discover, Mastercard, Visa, checks and good ole cash.
Can I smoke while I am at your farm?
Yes, you may smoke, but we urge you to use caution when you do. Please do not smoke around dry grass, hay or corn fodder. We NEVER allow smoking inside of our farm market, and NEVER around or in our corn maze.
Can I have my child's birthday party at the farm? Or Friend's Baby Shower?
Yes, we have parties at the farm in September and October. We have a special area available for rent. You can see information about parties here, and can call to make a reservation: 502-863-3676.
Are pumpkins included in the price of admission to AutumnFest?
No, pumpkins are not included in the price of admission to AutumnFest. They are priced separately, because some people want large pumpkins while others want small pumpkins. And for those guests who choose not to select a pumpkin at all, we did not include it in the pricing.
Can I freeze apple cider?
Yes, you can. Cider freezes beautifully. Just open the container, pour out about a cup to make room for expansion, re-cap and put in the freezer. It will taste just the same when you bring it out to thaw! Stock up so you will have plenty for the holidays and the winter ahead.
Can we tour your greenhouses where you grow the plants?
Yes, you can. We open our production greenhouses at our farm the last weekend of April and the first 2 weekends of May each year. We call it our Festival of Flowers. You can walk through the greenhouses, and if you see something you want, then you can pick it out and pay at our farm market.
When you close in November, what do you do? Go to Hawaii?
We wish! Immediately after closing, we clean up the farm from AutumnFest. This takes about 8-10 working days. Then we have to plow the ground for the next season, re-cover some of the greenhouses and believe it or not, we start sowing seeds in the greenhouses before Thanksgiving. But starting in January, we really get busy in the greenhouses, planting, filling trays, planting hanging baskets and lots of other things. There is a lot of growing that must be done before you are able to buy the flowers in April. It is a little slower paced in December, but there is no time for Hawaii!
I sell at farmers markets and I am looking for Kentucky Proud, fresh produce and flowers. Would you sell to me?
Yes, we sell flowers and fresh produce wholesale. For details, give us a call: 502-863-3676.
My child is having a field trip to your farm and I want to attend also. Do I need to pay?
Yes, all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends that want to accompany their child must pay the current fee that applies to adults on the field trips.
We are bringing our children to AutumnFest during the fall weekends. Do adults need to pay?
Yes, adults and children need to pay the entry into AutumnFest. Our farm is a pay-one-price entry, and you get to do almost everything on the farm for the single rate. Even better, you can do it as many times as you wish, all day long.
When I pay general admission to AutumnFest, do I have to pay extra for anything else?
There are a few activities available at AutumnFest that have a small additional fee:
  • AutumnFest Express Train
  • Paintball
  • Miniature Golf
  • Food
  • Purchases at our farm market
Is the hayride included in admission to AutumnFest?
Yes, it is included in admission to AutumnFest. There is a lot that is included in the general admission, so click here to see what else is included in the admission to AutumnFest.

Welcome To Bi-Water Farm

Harvesting Potatoes

Tour of AutumnFest

Flowers and Plants


Our greenhouses originated in the mid-1970s. Until that time, Carl Fister had only grown the vegetable transplants for the fields, in what is known as cold frames. When his sons were getting older and graduating from college, he decided to try growing flowers, and so in 1977 we erected our first greenhouse. Over the years, we have slowly added to that first structure, and now we have about 4 acres of growing space.We grow flowers and plants for our farm store, but we also grow plants for the wholesale market. We ship the flowers all over Kentucky and into southern Ohio.

From annuals and perennials to beautiful hanging baskets, we invite you to visit our farm store to take some of the beauty home for your own enjoyment.

Produce: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


We grow many acres of our own fresh fruits and vegetables here at Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse, including:

• Tomatoes
• Peppers
• Cantaloupes
• Watermelons
• Cabbage
• Kale
• Winter squash
• And more.

Our largest acreage comes from our pumpkin crop which takes up approximately 25 acres each growing season. New to Bi-Water Farm are our apple and peach trees. This is the start of our orchard acreage which we will continue to add to each year.

When we say we grow fresh fruits and veggies for you, we really mean it. We harvest our produce on a daily basis in season, put it in our store on the day it is harvested and then it is on your table that night. You can stop by our store on your way home or swing by on the weekend to get fresh fruits and vegetables for your family at any time. Now that’s convenience!

Nothing is fresher, and we are proud of that fact. In fact, we’re Kentucky Proud.

To keep up with the freshest veggies, we will use Twitter and Facebook to send a quick, up to the minute messages. Be sure that you have signed up for both. There may also be discounts that we give for a new item being harvested.




September 13, 2014 – November 1, 2014

Learn more about the attractions, food and fun you can have with your family and friends before you join us at Bi-Water Farm and Greenhouse!


Friday-Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


General Admission

Children 24 months and younger are free!
All others – $10 each


Additional fun activities to add to your visit:

AutumnFest Express Train  $3.50
Miniature Golf  $2.00
Paintball Target Shoot  $3.50



Bi-Water Farm VALUE PASS $13.00 includes
General admission + AutumnFest Express Train + Miniature Golf
Bi-Water Farm SUPER DOOPER DO IT ALL PASS $15.00 includes
General admission + AutumnFest Express Train + Miniature Golf + Paintball Target Shoot

At Bi-Water Farm & Greenhouse, we accept VISA and MasterCard, personal checks and cash.


Calendar of Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

AutumnFest is September 13 – November 1, 2014!



Friday-Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Bi-Water Farm  is located at 877 Cincinnati Road, Georgetown, Ky 40324 (502)863-3676  www.biwaterfarm.com
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Fall Veggie Garden

In the early spring, we all rush out to get our garden started. Some of us will start the early spring with the cole crops such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower etc. The we proceed right into the tomatoes, peppers, squashes. As spring proceeds, our cole crops here in central Kentucky don’t quite perform very well. [...]

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Tomato Season

Tomato season is upon us. This is one plant that most people will grow in their garden, even if they grow no other. It’s a little humorous in the spring in the garden center. Most guys rarely darken the doorway for anything. They will send in their wife for flowers, etc. But, you can bet, [...]

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It’s Sweet Corn Season!

If you are like me, I have always, even as kid, loved sweet corn. We grew sweet corn on the farm forever. I remember going as a kid with my dad to the field and taking an ear and ripping it off the stalk. Anticipating the nectar inside, I would rip the shuck back and [...]

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In our lives, things happen that we like or enjoy,  and it gives a momentary rush of either tingling excitement or just the feeling of personal satisfaction. One of those things happened to us yesterday. We received an email from someone named Linda from out of state. She said that she was looking at our [...]

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Like our Page

The deadline is Saturday March 30, 2013 4:00 pm with winners announced April 1, 2013 9:00 am

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Festival of Flowers

Want to see where we grow all of our flowers? Join us for our Festival of Flowers on April 27 – 28 & May 4-5 and tour all of our Production greenhouses. We will also have educational seminars and will answer your gardening questions. Seminars Schedule Designing a beautiful Planter April 27 or May 4 [...]

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We Support the FFA

Did you know the average age of a farmer is 57 years? In order for our country to supply our citizens with food in the future, we must have young folks that are willing to become part of the food production. By supporting the FFA, it is our way of encouraging the youth of the [...]

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Hurry Up Spring!

I love living in Kentucky and one of the reasons is because we have 4 distinct seasons. Our summers are not as hot as Alabama and our winters are not as cold as Minnesota.  But still there are four seasons. When winter first arrives, I look forward to the first snow or two, but then [...]

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Great Balls Of Fire

This is new variety of ivy geranium that I saw on my California greenhouse tour last March 2012. It has no real pest problem, very disease resistant and performs extremely well. We have the cuttings and will have them in our garden centers. We are always trying to bring you the newest and the best!

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Something new this year that actually tastes great. It’s a new strawberry that produces berries all season long. We will have them in hanging baskets and planters so space is not an issue. Grow them on your porch or apartment balcony and they are ready to pick and put in your bowl. The pink blooms [...]

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